Traditionally, oysters were scraped or tonged off the bottom of a body of water from oyster beds. Due to over-harvesting, declining water quality and disease, many of the natural populations in the Chesapeake Bay have been destroyed. Our oysters are grown from seed (1/8”) to market-size (3” plus) in trays in the water. This method allows us to produce a healthy, clean oyster by growing it up off of the bottom.

Our farms, in addition to others we have helped establish currently raise over 100 million oysters. We currently grow over 10 million native Chesapeake Bay oysters per year. We strive to farm oysters in a manner that is environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and which can be duplicated throughout the Bay and other waters suitable for oyster growing. We also are committed to providing equipment, products, and support to help others start and run their own oyster aquaculture operations.

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