There are a few things to consider when getting into oyster farming:

How much money, time and effort are you willing to spend on it? An oyster farm can be as simple as a float bag full of oyster seed tied to your dock or as complex as 20 rows of longlines with 100 cages attached to each line. Obviously, the bigger farm will take more time, effort and money. See the different farming options here

Why are you growing oysters? Are you growing them just so you’ll have some for weekend guests once in awhile? Do you want to do your part to help clean up your waterway? Do you want to sell several thousand a week to your favorite restaurant? The more oysters you want to grow, the more involved your system will be.

Where are you located? Obviously, access to water is a must. For a simple float bag system, access to a dock is all you need. For a more complex tray or cage system, you will most likely have to lease oyster grounds from the state. Click to see an example of a Virginia oyster ground application. Location is also a factor due to Shellfish Sanitation standards.

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